Welcome to Redeemer

Redeemer Presbyterian Church exists to celebrate, in word and deed, the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our neighborhood and throughout the city.

What is the Gospel? It is the announcement (literally “good news”) that Jesus’ resurrection was the beginning of salvation for the entire cosmos and will be completed when he returns. God is restoring the peace (shalom) of his creation through the work of Christ and is renewing people, families, neighborhoods, cities and nations, as people trust and follow him.

How do we celebrate the Gospel? Through faithful proclamation and obedient demonstration. Weekly worship services are the core opportunity for everyone to know how God is setting things right and to thank him publicly for it. This public celebration spills over to the rest of our lives where we serve our neighbors as Christ has served us. This is why our church is always looking for new ways to be good neighbors. We are passionate about seeing this city rebuilt, renewed, and rejoicing.




Worship Service: 9:30 am
7100 St. Charles Avenue          
(Corner of Broadway and St. Charles)                            


Redeemer Church Offices                         
5937 Magazine St.                                        
New Orleans, LA 70115                                



Community Groups are essential to the life of our church, binding together our confession with the call to discipleship.