Youth Director


Anna Gray Baker has lived in New Orleans since the Fall of 2016.
Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Anna Gray has a BA in
Psychology from the University of South Carolina and a MA in Clinical
Counseling from Columbia International University. She met her
husband, Ralph, at supper club of friends while attending graduate
school in Columbia, SC. They dated, fell in love and then he moved to
New Orleans to pursue his Masters degree at Tulane. After many trips
back and forth from SC to LA, they got engaged and they decided to
start their life together in New Orleans.

In addition to her role at Redeemer, Anna Gray is PLPC in the state of
Louisiana, working as a counselor with Lighthouse Counseling Center.
She specializes inrelationships, especially focusing on healthy
sexuality with teens, families and couples. Personal, spiritual growth
is her favorite discussion topic. Don't be offended if she ever tells
you to go to counseling, she believes that the therapy process is a
grace that God gives us for our time on Earth. This experience and
passion allows for her work with the youth and families at Redeemer to
be a natural fit.

Anna Gray loves to exercise, you can find her in Audubon Park before
dawn (you can join her or anywhere around
town. She and Ralph like to cook, grill and bake, especially with the friends they have met in New Orleans and through Redeemer.


Redeemer’s Child Protection Policy: At Redeemer, we are committed to creating and maintaining an environment where every child is safe. To that end, this policy seeks to protect children by establishing procedures for church sponsored programming, staff hiring and training, and outlining appropriate interventions in cases of observed or reported abuse and/or neglect.