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Saturday Workshop Led by Diana Batarseh

SATURDAY:  June 3rdThe Emerging Imago Dei or Grace and Truth in Relationships:  

A Workshop Led by Diana Batarseh—9:30-11:30 at the Church Office (5937 Magazine St.).  

Perhaps you have heard from your childhood that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, made in God’s image.  What implications does that truth have?  Consider how applying this profound and glorious truth transforms the way you relate to those in your world, and how you can have imagination far beyond what your eyes see in yourself and those around you.

Diana Beach Batarseh is an educator, speaker, writer and musician who has been serving in ministry for over twenty years.  Diana was founding director of Mustard Seed Preschool, a ministry of Christ Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee, where she currently serves as Director of Community Life.  She is a frequent speaker on the subject of parenting, Christian education, and understanding our belovedness in Christ.